Why do you need a home inspection?
For peace of mind ...

Some of the typical questions that will be answered for you at a home inspection

Is the house structurally sound?
We all want to be sure that the house we live in is well built and free of major structural defects. Structural integrity is at the top of the list during the home inspection.

Is the building in need of repairs?
A home inspection, which is similar to getting a physical checkup, will tell you if any needed repairs are major or minor.

Is the home dry?
A large portion of what a home inspector deals with is water getting where it isn't supposed to be: Does the basement leak? Is the plumbing leaking? Does the roof leak? Is the exterior drainage system adequate for the house?

Is the home safe?
Do the major systems have all the necessary safety equipment installed and are they working? Is there any faulty electrical wiring? Are the internal and external stair systems safe? Is carbon monoxide present in the home? Does the home have high Radon levels? Is the water safe to drink?

Will there be any unpleasant surprises?
Do all the major systems (roofing, heating, plumbing, electrical system and major appliances) have reasonable life expectancy? A house that is properly built and maintained can last for centuries but integral parts and systems will need to be replaced at predictable intervals. How old are the systems, in the home you are buying, and what kind of performance can you expect from them in the future?

The services of a qualified trained professional Home Inspector can help you answer these questions and more BEFORE you make one of the largest buying decision of your life.

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